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Adoptable Dogs

We cannot stress enough the importance
of seeking a dog whose personality and needs
will match the environment you can provide.

All animals placed through CRR have received a full medical exam, been spayed or neutered, and have been immunized and heartworm tested. Additionally, each dog is microchipped.

We suggest that if you wish to have a very young puppy, you give it serious thought before adopting one. A young puppy is not for everyone. We often receive young dogs from homes that did not first fully research the responsibility of acquiring a puppy.

If you are interested in any of the dogs below, please read adopting a dog and then fill out our online application.



Aristotle - JRT/Chi

Ari weighs just under ten pounds, a perfect weight for him. We think he is under two years old.

Ari isn't a fearful or worried dog, he acted fearful when people were trying to catch him, but in captivity, he is a very stable little dog looking for consistency.  

Ari is house trained and living with a foster family with two small female dogs. Ari loves "his girls" and we love the family that is teaching Ari the finer points of living in a home. Ari is crate trained and as you can see, he loves relaxing. We are looking for a home that will keep Ari safe, we don't want to see him on the streets again. 

Washington - ADOPTED!

Very shy and loving Corgi/Rat Terrier mix. He is under two years old, good with cats and other dogs.


We will have more information on Washington soon.