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About Us


Central Rescue & Rehabilitation is dedicated to
promoting responsible animal ownership and stewardship through education, placement and awareness.


Central Rescue & Rehab (“CR&R”) is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to reduce the epidemic of pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of adoptable animals located in the Northeastern United States.

Our organization was founded by a small group of compassionate, dedicated rescue and municipal shelter volunteers who recognized the dire plight of adoptable animals overlooked in local shelters.

CRR matches homeless dogs with loving, responsible families, while providing support and education for as long as needed.

Central Rescues "3 R" way of life:


Central Rescue & Rehab acts as a liaison between shelters and rescue organizations, providing assistance with transportation, temporary housing and foster care for animals in immediate need.


Central Rescue & Rehab rehabilitates animals, medically and emotionally, to ready them for life in a permanent, loving home.


Central Rescue & Rehab assists shelters and rescue organizations in the placement of animals through advertising and referrals. We use our website and other promotional activities on behalf of animals in need, including newsletters, in order to find qualified homes and ensure a successful placement.


If  you would like to be part of the CRR team, please contact us at: volunteer@centralrescue.org